Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Personally" by G.E.J and Dame Patience | Buni TV

Apart from the scourge of corruption which is ravaging Nigeria, Thanks to a “Cabal” of unrepentant destroyers, Nigerians are the most creative specie in the globe. Even the recent comical reaction of the wife (Dame Patience Faka Jonathan) the present President Good luck Jonathan found its way into the comedy circle. You will really appreciate and confirm how creative Nigerians are, by the time you have a glimpse of the "Drunk In Power" clip by this same Buni TV. just being too awesome

Friday, 9 May 2014

Patience Jonathan, A mere domestic appendage

A comical and creative clip on Professor Wole Soyinka  and Faka Dame Jonathan, The self assuming impostor of a President, whose track record is more comical than representing. Notorious for amusement and seemingly better than than the best Nigerian Zany. 

One thing you don't want to miss in Soyinka's description of Faka
A mere domestic Appendage 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Europe and the world Joins Nigeria to save the abducted girls,( I hope the President is not Dancing in a Party)

Europe Joins Nigeria 
Nigeria has become popular on the world Map mostly for the wrong reason, The ageless corruption left unattended has given birth to nameless acts of wickedness and rottenness, The leadership of Nigeria turned deaf ears to the crippling cankerworms and have became more brazen in thievery until injustices were all the more committed by officers of the Law. 

The Police have been Notorious, The Military weak and incapable, the citizens are hungry and can hardly think of tangible change, most of whom are conquered by fears as  the drama continues, for about 15 Years, terrorist group known as Boko Haram emerged, more fiercely and daring than the corrupt government and succeeding in crippling the government and unwilling to listen to the voice of reason. Even the seat of Power in Abuja is under severe threats and yet the government thinks corruption is not the cause.

US Army on Nigerian soil to assist Nigerian weak Army

US army on Nigerian Soil assisting 
The United States of America and Britain have joined the search for the 200 girls abducted from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno, by the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

Highly commendable by the United State of America, Their usual good gestures to save weak nation from their calamity from terrorist also, this is a clear indication that Nigerian Military is a Failure, A bunch of corruptly influenced armed criminals, whose work is to abuse the rights of citizens while collecting salaries from the pain of the people they cannot protect. I hope someone among them wakes up to the need of clearing the mess  

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chibok Girls: First Lady Breaks Down In Tears

The Comedy continues as Patience Jonathan wife of the "Clueless" President Goodluck Jonathan who CNN reporter Aisha Sese earlier reported her amazement about how the President has been quiet and almost confused as to how to save the over 200 young girls kidnapped in Borno. In the usual Nigerian style, A national media chat was organised on one end to deceive the international community while the wife was busy weeping emotions Now recorded to show a seeming empathy as she blames the kidnap on the school authority and the West African Examination body that conducted the exams
The usual fire brigade approach to deceive and push responsibility well practice by Nigerian corrupt Rulers