Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Barbara Bush hospitalised in Houston Hospital

Barbara Bush
Wife of an erstwhile President of the United states George Bush has been admitted in hospital,
   The 88-years Old former First lady Barbara Bush was hospitalised in Houston, according to former President George H.W. Bush, in a statement made available to journalists  the former first lady was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Monday 30th 2013

Wishing her a quick recovery



2014, Clouds of strawberry mist in Edinburgh

The New Year day in London took a different dimension, Clouds of strawberry mist and peach snow fell on revellers in London as Edinburgh saw a more traditional display.

Happy New Year TO ALL the London style    

Nigerian “weirdest” Blogger Ladun Liadi reveals self on Youtube

Ladun Liadi is one of three most popular blogger in Nigeria, the name behind Ladun Liadi blogspot notorious for all news within the entertainment industries though physically obscure, a choice made deliberately as she hides behind her keyboard
The Blogger has chosen to reveal herself in the New Year 2014 and her platform for exposure is first Youtube and then her Blog
Now we know the Face behind the Blog

A letter of appeal for the release of a facebook critic in Nigeria By Tessy

Seriaki Dickson

Short letter to President Goodluck Jonathan.
Dear Sir,
Re:Before the old year ends and the New year begins

I want to wish you a happy new year.. I also want to thank you President GEJ for bringing facebook to Nigeria..lolss(According to a minister) ‪#‎joke‬. above all, I wish to thank you for not banning twitter and for never arresting anyone because of the abuses rained on you daily..I have a humble request sir, may you please appeal to your brother Gov Dickson to effect ...
the release of Tonye (forgot his last name) a social media activist from Bayelsa state who has been in detention for over two months over a Facebook post criticizing the Governor. And Pls never give in to pressure Sir about arresting people for criticizing you. It comes with the job..I will never insult you but criticize I must.. Its not a paid job just a civic duty...I know the missiles(hard knocks) that will be thrown at me over this letter but I welcome them all in the spirit of tolerance and forced unity

Respectfully yours Tess!

"I will Fight Curruption in 2014" Jonathan, Another inaugural joke from Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan

The Nigerian president renown for corruption from most online comments coming mainly from citizens of Nigeria both within Nigeria and outside has again boasted about a fight against corruption in 2014, The President in his New Year message to the nation made available by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, Said the Federal Government would fight corruption more in 2014. He said, “Our administration believes that the cost of governance in the country is still too high and must be further reduced. We will also take additional steps to stem the tide of corruption and leakages.

“We have worked hard to curb fraud in the administration of the pension system and the implementation of the petroleum subsidy scheme. We have introduced a Pensions Transition Arrangement Department under a new Director-General. This department will now ensure that those of our pensioners still under the old scheme receive their pensions and gratuities, and are not subjected to fraud.

Happy New Year from Canadacom

2013: My son am tired
2014: why?
2013: My time is up, i will be
going to join your forefathers
2014: I know, u have less than 39...

hours to live... i will miss you Dad
2013 :But let
me tell you some
things b4 i go
2014:What is it?
2013: Please when i go, make
sure you take care of this person
2014: Who?...
2013: The person (reading)
listening to this conversation of
2014: Okay
2013: I made some promises to
this person during my reign, i fulfilled some,
and some I couldn’t
2014: But why couldn’t you fulfill
all dad?